G Double O D de $uicideboy$

G Double O D


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Swag Toof....$uicideboy$...hey...ride to it

{Big Los On The Track Boy}

Giving a f*** what a hater be saying whenever they speaking on me, Bitch I'm G Bitch I'm G Bitch I'm G (x2)
Homie I'm G-G double O D, G double O D (x4)

Good God, whole squad on fleek
Ten toes already know its gon' be
Last week the homie tatted it on the cheek
T double O F, G double O D
Toof Gang gon' eat, Toof Gang don't sleep
With the hustle you can't muzzle, homie look at these teeth
Give a f*** what haters saying when they speaking on me
Get to pool ball socking, slick talking to a G
PayPal racks, drop crack on the digi-scale
Cops on twitter, now the snitches tryna digi-tell
Old school country, but you know I rep the city well
Don't skate, But I slide off like a mini rail
Silky smooth beats, but the flow so gritty
Still won't talk greasy grand slam you like a Denny's grill
Every time I catch a brake a hater wonder did he fail
Wishing we gon' fall off, homie get a wishing well

Ima put sin city on the map
Ouija Macc got spirits in the trap
Toof Gang and we taking back the swag
We gon' make these pu*** boys grow their eyebrows back
Shawty show me that pale white ahh ahh ahh
Throw the booty like a tantrum in my lap
Catch drain got requested on the track
Wasn't fuc*** with us broke, go and nibble up a stack
Bitch I swang around the world like inside-out boy
Fuc*** with the Toof, oh this I doubt boy
Dyed my hair blonde, slang scrolls like Malfoy
Get up off my decomposing dick right now boy
Waves crash daily we a rip tide now boy
Guess you gotta catch us on the flip side now
Crawl slow, paint drying on the whip right now
Lick your crusty ass lips and get a grip motha' fucka'

Posted in Japan catching tans
Pocket full of xans
Couple grand
And I'm plannin' to sell these drugs up out the van
I'm just sayin'
Bullets spraying
Like some public masturbation on vacation with some Haitians Eating on some veggie bacon
All these hoes they like my shit
Smoking on some pipes and shit
Yung Chri$t boys nice, nice boys, Satan twice Rollin' on some dice
Double cup up in my hand
Cocaine, got it by the gram
Hashtag shitbag, jet lag, pop tags
Baller shit, poppin on my collar shit
I'm all about a dollar bitch
Tell your girlfriend come and holla' quick
I'm all about a dollar bitch
Tell your girlfriend come and holla' quick

Clean cut, f*** that I'm dirty
Swamp chomp stomp on the beat I spit murky shit
Got beef mofucka' got jerky
Your chick gobble the dick like she a turkey
She said "work me" I said "surely"
First we roll a blunt and blow it out ya heard me
Now I'm fuc*** thirsty, chugged about thirty fuc*** cream sodas now I'm feeling sick
Lookin' fuc*** green like Yoda
Bitches surrounding me doing yoga fuc*** told you Ruby da Cherry ain't fuc*** sober very often
All that coughing you doing I can't really hear you talking

[Hook: Ouija]

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