Kill Yourself (Part IV) Letra y Canción


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KILL YOURSELF (PART IV) es una canción de $uicideboy$ que se estrenó el .


'Kill Yourself (Part IV)'

They figure me a dead motherfuc***
Romeo da black rose
Shedding petals
Hold me over until they finish digging me a hole
I need a new beginning, so I tiptoe behind my foe's bitch
Unzip, I'm throwing it into that bitch's hole
Calling all my enemies the same place where that dick go
F*** an online pu*** boy talking shit
Acting like it was a brick thrown through a window
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me
Some slick hoes might catch me froze, but soon they will desert me
Get rich, blow that smoke in O's
Don't ever act so thirsty
Sick diss though
F*** all this
Slowly die before I'm thirty

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Isn't it so convincing how that blade slide across my throat
Coke residue all in my nose
Couple graves dug for my foes, and it goes on and on
My girlfriend calling my phone
Ain't seen her in about a week
This depression got me weak
Ever wake up every day, and you want to die?
Life going good can't figure out why
Blank walls all around me keep the pills nearby
Player with the nine, then I close my eyes
$uicide only thing gonna gratify this urge to leave
Can't you hear my plea?
I'm down on my knees

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