Pom Pom


Letra de la canción

Life is, coming in, was here, very fast to be passing, constantly changing, but it was here, to bloom, here, to bloom, the full moon been on for mad, many days, shine through this open wound in the center of my face, na from the right angle you can see, right through to! the other side of me, where the color shine cool and where the golden rule, so bang your, head to the wall, cuz you been stupid again, come here, I comfort you
With chocolate little human

[Hook] (x2)
Well I brought my pom poms
I hope you brought your pom poms too
Cuz if you brought your pom poms then
We could be pumping
We could be pumping

Polish your nails take you where you never been
Through the story tails I will tuck you in, I
Puff your pillow while I drip your willow while we
Wonder this warm warm, weeping desert
Yet am young, I have a yet undone
Treatful evening too, come but it run
I just around the corner it was gone just gone
But left a blank melody

[Hook] (x2)

I cut, your hair, and I, paint your lips, I will make you sweet and shiny
Like! barbecue ribbs I, got my pom poms do you got your pom poms too, pump it up, pump it down, pump it all night through, I got my pom pom do you got, your pom poms too, pump it all night, all night
I brought my pom pom pump it down for you
I brought my pom pom pump enough ruff for you too
So bring your pom poms out in to the dark
Shake your fin thing shake it like a shark


fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: RickRack (#23)

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