Lil Peep (ft. JGRXXN & Ghostemane)

Letra de la canción

[Lil Peep]
Hold my breath
Wrap my arms around you
Now that I've found you
We're goin' to hell
I don't give no fucks bout where you're from
Let's have some fun tonight
Bitch, I'ma kill you
(Kill you)
Bitch, I'ma make you scream in pain
Oj, I feel you
(Feel you)
I'ma 'bout to kill my bitch today

Chain hangin' from my jeans
But you know that it's me
Blood drippin' on my feet
But I follow my dream
Hair bleached
Gold teeth
Yeah, you ain't on my team
Nose bleeds
White sheets
Schemaboys on the scene

When the smoke clears
All you see is me
In my tee
Yo' bitch sees it too
So she looks to us
Like we cool
I invite her to my cushion
She think we gonna cuddle up
But, I'ma muzzle her
And sacrifice her
To the underworld

Gotta little place I keep
All of them chicks I meet
F*** for the night, we sleep
Then she wake up in the trunk-?
Tell me she wanted to bang
Talkin' a hell of a game
All of these chicks
That all talk that shit
'Til they see blood on my blade

Letra añadida por: Hawli (#1)

Lil Peep
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