Summertime Hightime

CUCO (ft.  J-kwe$t)


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Summer time is the time I like to get high with you
It's true
Vibe with me, trip with me, let me spend my days
With you

Going up a hill and were on a pretty pill
I'm just around the corner where the clouds meet up
The mills
Happiness is back ain't no one to me but you

And no lies have come along everything I say is true
If I'm on cloud 9 maybe 30 even 2 ain't no one
Bringing me down my cause highest is with U
So grab my hand and now let's go fly away from
Town let's get to outserspace baby I'm telling U now

Baby come and share ya lovely vibes. x3
I'll promise that I'll make you mine tonight

Shawty I don't really care, we could get drunk in the
In the back of the trunk. You a perfect 10 no gas, no
Pump, sippin on rum. Baby we young. Shawty don't

Ever tell me that your done. Cause I wanna get a III
Taste don't run
Shawty you gorgeous, girl you should know dis
Gotta so many things I never told ya

(Chorus) ×2

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