Last You Heard Of Me del álbum 'Cody'

Last You Heard Of Me

Joyce Manor

La canción 'Last You Heard Of Me' se estrenó en 2016. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Cody

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Found myself down at the Alibi
For the second time this year
Wrote my song down, gave it to the guy
Then went to grab another beer

Sonia's going to the parking lot
Probably gonna smoke some weed
I'd go with but I don't touch the stuff
Unless I wanna go to sleep

You step outside to have a cigarette
Smokers crowd into the street
Digging through your purse for matches
When for a second our eyes meet

And in the moment I see everything
Start to finish, sad defeat
Shivering, lying naked next to you
And that's the last you heard of me

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