Orange Julius del álbum 'Joyce Manor'

Orange Julius

Joyce Manor

La canción 'Orange Julius' se estrenó en 2011. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Joyce Manor

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Stretching out cheap cotton over your thick skull
Oh, I do feel awful on the way to school
Can you picture my reaction to the word up on the wall?
Is there really something wrong with me?

Stretching out cheap cotton over your thick skull
I'm down here under the pavement so inept
Until I grab that pen beside you
Jam it into your eye
See, now you're my kind of man
Now you're a stand-up kind of guy

I am dying of embarrassment
I'm dying of this hatred
I can't rest until you know this bitterness that I have tasted
Such humiliation for the first and only time
I'm obsessed with your self-righteousness
Cut in half by your smile

Into the night
You're getting harder to believe in
You're a cold and quiet paradise
Transfixed just by your breathing
Into the night
And you're the one thing I don't hate
You're a cold and quiet paradise
My only true escape into the night

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