Vic Mensa

Yeah, uh
They ain't ready nigga
They ain't ready uh-uh
Well, they ain't ready nigga ah
They ain't ready uh-uh (x3)

Let me begin with an introduction
Tickets and I don't know what you waiting for
These niggas sittin on they shine, I'm about to take it though
And Rio got the recipe but I'm about to make it though
Girl that shit look good but I'd rather just see you naked though
Just striptease, take it off
Go and have you take it off
Hit it then I kit-kat the contact, break it off
I just tell em hit me on my line as soon as they get off
I don't pick the phone up, I just pull the Petron up
I blow it by the O so if you smokin' put a zone up
Comin out that city with them gang signs thrown up
It's Hyde Park up in this ho, put that on Obama
When they comin' with the cannon
They ain't ready uh-uh
Well they ain't ready for the summer
Bout to get it by the boatload, who came up in the chokehold
I'm hot but I'm so cold, I'm freezin to the touch
Balls playin so address me as such, it's Mr. Clutch

Lights out, l-l-lights out, lights out
Lights out, l-l-lights out, lights out
Lights lights out, lights lights out out
Lights lights out, lights lights out out (niggas!)
I'm steppin' in this bitch shinin, black shades
Now you see me now you don't
I ain't takin suggestions but Imma give em what they want
I'm ridin like the UPS, got the package in the trunk
Speedin like I hit a stain
Smellin like I hit a skunk
Lights out
Bottom bunk
Bottoms up
Drivin drunk
Ridin dirty than a pitch, bumpin that new Christian Rich
I'm west like the Wicked Witch, kill a beat then dig a ditch
Bigger market, bigger niche
Ball bigger, bigger pit
They want the hits and Imma knock em out the park
Lil Vic keep a Bic but I'm hot without the spark
Steppin out that all black it's like I'm hopping out the dark
I'm in this mother wiled up like a motherfucking narc
I'm on my south side, south side shit what you need
Come and run with me baby and let me bring you up to speed
Said is Victor gonna blow spark then I'm gonna bleed
On chief fuckin Indian beed, I keep it trilla like



Vic Mensa

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