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(Vic Mensa ft. Vic Mensa)

Will you call me, when you get there
And I miss your precious heart (2x)
And miss, and miss, and miss, and miss
And miss, and miss, and miss, and miss your heart

Lord release your precious heart (2x)

And she wants me to get out of the drug game
She doesn't realize how much it causes me pain
I just want my son to grow up with a dad with him
My father couldn't love his kids
So he wanted to abandon them
I don't sell rocks just because I want to
I sell for my son it's so that he don't have to
I know now when don't seem like some father ish
But the money in my sock is my son's scholarship
She want me to work for less than it's supposed to be
She rather starve than to eat some drug groceries
I love my family to death but niggas weren't so close to me
And to get out on that corner every morning that takes the most of me
But Lord you know now that I have the best intent
And I been at the church, though I ain't the best of men
I got my wife and son so I know you loving me
Tell me I'm more than these God damned drugs on me
I know you put me on Earth for more than this ish
Give me a miracle, or blessing, three wishes
Whatever it takes, just give me a new start
I ask for one thing though please release my precious heart

Lord release your precious heart 2x

And I want him to get out of the drug game
He doesn't realize how much it causes me pain
I just want my son to grow up with a dad with him
Not meet his dad in a cell and wonder what happened to him
My son has potential man
Want him to soar from my hands like paper planes
Well paper planes crash and roll into blunts
[?] by the father of my son
The corner starve
Mothers and fathers, and the prophet
He used to buy my soon food and water
He said he get it somewhat and he need it
And he caught selling his kids a little form of crystal
I hope he know church goers leave the sins at the door
And now the saints in the choir strung out on the floor
Lord I'm sorry, but you know how I feel
'specially now that he starting to get his son's appeal
Release his father and him
'cus everyday I'm getting farther from him
He's rubbing off on his son and he's rubbing off hard
I ask for one thing Lord, please release his precious heart

Lord release your precious heart 4x

Another nigga claiming that he's never scared
Stares with eyes that are harder than a teddy bear's
Under pressure, high water like a [?] on his knees
Begging the streets let me live
He said that he'd give anything for the vengeance
When [?] plummets and stomach is empty
Even old ladies get to looking like fresh meat
"Let's eat" all his niggas say
The block is the restaurant and the feigns is the dinner plate
Living in inner state chased to a court case
Forced to break when the hammer hits the wood grains
Hard to stop when ya dudes all carying and niggas on the block shoot quicker than
Seems like we living to die, born burying
I'm asking the lord release him, though I'm barely in

Lord release your precious heart x2


Vic Mensa



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