Vic Mensa

(Verse 1)
I think I must be living proof
A year ago, I couldn't buy a roof
Now, Im Hollywood
I knew I would, I said I would
We can take a poll
Let the strippers get low
Who needs a Fader?
I had a couple LifeSavers
I fell off of that bridge, lived to tell the story later
That's why I'm at the party, go tell everybody
Yeah, I'm goin' Scotty

(Hook x10)
I'm goin Scotty, go tell err'body

(Verse 2)
Vic goin' Scotty
When Mike knew he was magic back in '93
That's first knew I had it, nigga what's a struggle?
My middle name should be trouble, all the shit I did
You thought I had a stunt double
When you fall, that's when you stunt double hard
Who remember when I used to sell weed out the car?
Talk shit about me
Boy, you don't know shit about me
Let 'em know,

(Verse 3)
. .


Vic Mensa

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