Final inesperado de Drokmen

Final inesperado en inglés



Final inesperado (en inglés)

Fallen angels collapsed buildings,
Dances to fire, men bound hand and foot,
Uninhabited places, all screaming desperate,
Brothers against brothers, nation against nation,
Famine and ambition, the eye that sees everything,
He laughs while you run away, the hope is over,
Tolerance was gone, the new order was established
Curfew! Nibiru is very close,
The war has already exploded! All on alert, the houses adrift,
Up a cruel being punishes us, crudity,
Rebellion! Against religion! Molotov falls from the sky,
Meteors in collision The end of a cycle? Do not,
Mafia of black magic, falls into ruin,
Beings alien to this life land terrify,
They eat where they step with a smile
Showing bloody dentures,
Trumpets that sound, acid rain falls,
Dead people get up, hungry and thirsty for their
Revenge nothing affects them, the annoying sea dresses in red,
The firmament is dressed in mourning,
You have to eat the weapons do not work,
When all the streets tremble,
When the laws were broken,
When everything beautiful you ever saw,
Now it's a disaster landscape, tell me
What are you saved from? Mother nature is furious,
You hear the crunching of entire galaxies,
The sun raises its temperature, it radiates poison towards the Earth,
It's all against everything, step by step,
Stars far away that explode,
Planets that collide alteration of holes
Blacks to millions of kilometers looming asteroids
Shouts of animals are heard here
That thirsty for blood attack man,
Catastrophic events I see in thought
From an evil being, eyes come out of their
Intestines are hanging, the labyrinths have been opened,
The road to the underworld, the world of the not so dead,
There are gods eat souls for the eternal
Revenge of the tyrant supreme being
Many prefer to die but here there is no end it does not stop repeating
And repeat this bloody hunt,
More than a cold war between angels and demons,
They are fights for domains in the light and darkness fight
From beings hungry to punish men,
Who committed the worst mistakes.