Saori Hayami

Letra de la canción

I can hear my heart bell,
"What’s the matter?" you ask
My heart bell is ringing

The beginning was that moment (ringin' ringin')
In front of my eyes, you suddenly (ringin' ringin')
Appeared, which was determined before I was born
I’m sure that’s how it was

Wishes, ambitions, and fantasies
Knock on the door to an unknown level
And give me the flying key and my future (with your wings)

I can hear my heart bell
It’s unstoppable
It’s the sign of "Love" that angels are ringing
Can you hear my heart bell?
"What’s the matter?" you ask
My heart bell that I haven’t heard before is ringing

Yet you still don’t know anything
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Spanner (#6)

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