Mac Miller

Letra de la canción

They think that I'mma lose my mind out here
Ask me where I think I'll be this time next year
But I don't care, I'm livin' it up, I'm livin' it up
Said I don't care, I'm livin' it up

Hey, they wonder where I'm gone be at, posted with my chief sack
Seat back, keep this shit together like a knee cap
He's that, bad mothafucker with an attitude
Haters tryin' to play him, I ain't even gettin' mad at you
Fruity Judy spittin', but he rappin' like kiwi
I, receive better than your satellite T.V
Three beat rhymes, that'll give 'em hebegebies
Hoes showin' titties, tryna to get a CD free
Please, grass stay together like its welted
Turnin' down groupies, now they think I'm gettin' selfish
I'm not cocky, I'm just confident
Wave you off, move along, if you not convinced
Got way too much shit up on my shoppin' list
While your broke, doin' choke, tryin' to copy Vince
Hop off the dick, let me be on my way
I don't pay attention, stay havin' good days

Hey, as I'm ridin' next to Tree J, speedin' down the freeway
Headin' to the money, no pause, no delay
Racin' like a relay, hear me through the PA
Chief till I'm sleepin', fuck the D to the EA
I'm in this game, no playin' for the pesos
Try and dip into this cheese like queso
Classes never seem to be there when they take role
I was runnin' to my dream, tryna to make mo'
Music, make another song
They tell me they supported, they was hatin' all along
Love greater than the hate that I was gettin' didn't phase me for a second
So lately I've been gettin' kinda crazy, and I mention
To my lady when she stressin' that I'm cakin', it's a blessin'
I'm just tryna to get her in the right direction
You wanted war, then I'm comin' prepared
Most Dope, put ya thumb in the air, mothafucker

"I think I'm having an overdose and so is my wife"
"Overdose of what?"
"Marijuana, I don't know if it had something in it, can you please send rescue?"
"Did you guys have fever or anything?"
"No I'm just, I think we're dying"
"How much did you guys have?"
"I don't know we made brownies..."
"And I think we're dead, time is going by really really really really slow."

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: ChamLee (#54)

Mac Miller
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