Sigma (DJs)

Letra de la canción

Hair long, I'm a pretty boy
From the south, not a city boy
Know where your girl is sitting boy
And all these ladies on me, got them sitting boy
And they squatting, and they squatting
Gucci FlipFlops, but right now I'm rocking crocs cause I want to
Red and black, red and black like a lumberjack
Got the bitch and she licking all of my stack, licking all of my stack
Oh my god, got that syrup on my stacks
Know what I mean, oh my god I'm on that lean
Purple rain, purple rain like I'm from the future
I'm the prince but really I'm the king, I'm the king

Looking like I'm in a metal band in the Meadowlands
Got that "make you wanna rob me with the metal" bands
Oh, shit hit her with the bone, yeah get that death metal blasting
Yeah, pinned up on my mattress, oh my god Gucci Pendergrass
Oh man, got you bitch and I pinned her ass
With this dick, I'm so fucking sick, lick up on that clit
Oh man, I'm just gonna keep rhyming, I'm never dying

Let's speed it up, don't give a fuck
Licking on her butt, pushing all her buttons
Man, I'm so fucking pretty when I come up in your city
All these bitches showing titties
Looking like I'm Diddy, looking like Fift
Cause your bankrupt, got the bitch gon suck
She gonna let me put it in her butt
And oh my god, know that's gonna happen
Cause I just keep on rapping, I just keep on rapping
Like it's motherfucking Christmas
Got a bitch, I'm giving this dick for Christmas
Yeah know what I'm talking about, gift wrap that shit
Always wrap that shit, oh my god
Make sure you always wrap it

All this gas got me looking like a greaser
Had her the green sir
Let her take a breather
Tell that ho, breath ho
Don't get greedy tho
Don't get greedy tho
All about my dough
Give a fuck, Imma rob that hoe
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god


Letra añadida por: ChamLee (#63)

Sigma (DJs)
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