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All For A Woman Letra

The Airborne Toxic Event


All For A Woman (Letra/Lyrics)

All of these grateful looks, all these grateful eyes, all these furious stares, these fretful sighs
Promising everything to everyone, "We'll be back soon, you're my favorite one."

"I'll keep it quiet," "I'll hold you dear," the whispering fills the ear
"Tell me you'll stay, we would have such fun," and the lie you don't need anyone

The screams, the wails, and the calls, the headiness of the fall
Ten thousand miles from where we began, I fell asleep with a picture in hand

It was all for a woman

You say that you're grateful for the time alone, two years away, "No, I don't miss home,"
Someone asks you if you ever think of her, and you smile politely and you demure

But then all at once your head starts to swim, you can feel her breath on your skin
You find that you stare at the same spot for days, she's above you, below you in waves

And you're shivering cold, like you're just ten years old, she's lying asleep in your bed
You're standing beside her, the light from inside her, filling up the darkness in your head

It was all for a woman

And you've drowned in the teasing. You've forgotten the reason, the muse inspires the art
You'd give anything for her to say them once more, the words you believed at the start

Ten thousand miles from where it began, falling asleep with her picture in hand
It was all for the look in her eye

For the promise and the lie
Of a woman

Datos de esta canción

ALL FOR A WOMAN es una canción de The Airborne Toxic Event del año 2011, este tema está incluido dentro del disco All at Once. Agradecemos a RickRack por haber sudido la letra de All For A Woman.