Aesop Rock


"When I'm in a re-no-vative state of mind I'm innovative"

It's like antisocial
Hazardous portion organically nourished
Courage to flourish in music's orphans
Lunge nicotine dream missing link weariest
Caution we proclaim till brain's arch like Sagittarius Shield
Yield to the eyes as mescaline killin' fields
Rise groggy stone gaze marching moodily
'til ... plural styles amalgamated beautifully
Rudely awoke,sing rubber-glue conglomerates
Sucking up love
While brushing parasitic critics to my left side
I test glide
Kamikaze crash distort that's on my preface (check)
The therapeutic unit recommended
Now slow-mo Quasimotos teeter on ringleader status
While I spit satellite photos while teetering on the stratus
Sleepwalking the atlas after none.
Trudge and nudge my ninety-nine octane brain
To one-oh-one
Run to organize my mood
Like cauterize my wound and climb up
Lovely samaritans line up like bar codes
For a fraction of my factions
The hollow of his hand beholds contraptions via
Amplified files collapsed your cacophonic' conquest. My specs up
Morph hostile and docile insubordinance your phylum
Chordata asylum swarmes' your coordinates. Rush
Must not sleep, must warn others
I'll tourniquet your turbulence
Then trample on your stutters
If I could displace every vagrant in America
With traces of my character
The Earth would be a more pitiful habitat
With infinite acres of auto-cry intricate nature
Swung open the nomenclature to obscure warlock trickery.Pure
Hazmat got tossed back by liquors supporting patience
Working knuckles for audio duplication
That's like fiending for a purpose

Aesop Rock, prototype Robocop
Jabberwocky rocking on the highest hilltop
I possess two siamese styles that's like connected at the mic hollering monstrous
Poly-tech impede indidgy progress, deaf
Swept off your meridian. It's operation Start With a Slummy Raped Your Milk and Honey
Can I like, conjure up like all potent components of like
Middle siblings scribbling on his lonesome like
Hit him with my ninety-nine metal plated mics upon the wall, take em' down, pass em'round, rock em' all. Bust it
I'm forever building my City of Lost Children ripping rungs off your ladder at a
Sardonic smirk. Ebonics lurking where the crop circles got stamped out from the rain dance
Tsunami rain blast lift off like origami cranes and sloppy braincasted class-a-piece mastered to capture your flag then flutter
While slaves defy water sucked through from paper bags
The magic-maker dragging devils to add triple sixes melt the triple glitches on your console
I calibrate my mics prior to claimin' shit is rockable
Unlock and pull a backdoor for the bounce
While cannily panicking was the average. I broadcast modern boredom mesozoic poetry pupils
Caught up in scruples from the inimical nature of my program
Elegantly overcast password curse an a tactless bastard
Catatonic until personal practice mastered

[Looped sample]