Aesop Rock

'Frijoles' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Bazooka Tooth.


Yeah NASA lets try this..

Park your bets
Sharks or jets
His bark mark targets where the barnacles nest
They burrow deep under the carnivore's flesh
Without a trace
Carnival games
Like try to shoot the star out of his face
Come double fist them aqua-gats lock box your past and
Spoon up the ballooning for high noon saloony antics
Walk off with a thumbs up
And a stuffed Bullwinkle trinket
Pull twinkle out them awestruck baby sockets for a day
Yeah that's the ticket
Yeah that's the pipe dream
That's hater 101 bitch pigs
Living guilt trips for the fan base family picnic
Who's handshake carry with it
Y'all inspire me
It's an honor to meet you
Now it's randomly fantasy beef stew
That's panicky pre-school
That's Keebler signs Pikachu
And he's poking pinocchi-beezer
Where big brother watching ain't
Holler back Wally Cleaver
Knobby-kneed geezer
Whose brittle peddle boat sank
Wishing he could re-stitch the images when the kinescope cranked
He couldn't
You can't
My more-than-two lamp with a mongoloid loyalty clause
And a done did got busy ambiance
That's Lazerface, Megalasaur, Scissor-tongue, Liftedly
Money-Murs, Ramble, Printmatic, Hangar, Blockhead and Ravipops
And the fam only begins with the last two bars he dropped
Add the chrome fangs I'll rewrite Heavy Metal Parking Lot
That's why these grapevines could pop shit to me all day
I only kick these fuc*** doors down to make sure the crew o.k
Like, food on the plate
Thread on the back
Kicks on the palette
I rock the bells without clown shoes, fried dough, tickets or mallets
While the bearded ladies won goldfish from the ping-pong toss challenge
Threw like girls and misconstrued the lucky f*** floaters for talent
It's sad really...
O.k., I'm over it
Smolder over composure models like smoke over soldier nostrils
3d bifocal goggle broke over cat walkers
There must've been something up in that Long Island tap water
Grew to mute Grinch north of Who-ville and his frisky sissy poodle pack
Oozing that hollow 'who the mac?' act Aes threw back in junior rap
Isn't it strange how it's a fad to bite your idols
When the whole reason you liked 'em was cuz their shit wasn't recycled?
Come pigeonhole Aesop like he ain't heard it
That's no burden
Need attention?
Better dress them diversions like stripping nurses
Kid the cult is thick and media's the sacrificial virgin
Purging little man behind curtain opinions
This is perfect
Look I'm just like y'all
Living low-pro to paycheck
And when the landlord hollers he hid the 'dro in the tape deck
Rocket radio
Every success smidgen he harnessed
Parks with risk and sick with it clicking in perfect working ratio
No frisky out of dodge name blame for sneaky plots
With elevated rung placement derived from deep-rooted jealousy issues
He cue the raging bull and every due is paid in full
With that I forget all you motherfucks that failed to pull
Why? Well
What's really good?
Not a cat who peddles backwards for a hacker's filthy looks
Hodge-podge menamena-Muppets available in rubber stamp form
Hogwash Harry clamp norm
Wear the space cake baker?
Order up
Curb his pacemaker
And vacate personal space in relation to face-raker
Built an Einstein-Rosen bridge to '88 with Lincoln Logs and bobby pins
Probably when Oz's friends slept on the poppy stems
Horseback 60 M.P.H
One hand rolling tobaccy badly
But it burns out cavalry of concerned worms for mayor
But you'll find validity in a penny, right
And I got a clear flick of the Loch Ness sucking off Yeti

With a knee-jerk response to his budgetary woes
He's hooky out the institution's huckleberry mold
Style leapt out a Hermann Rorschach margin mark
Starving art smashy to slash a martyr heart
Trashy to lap her garter belt
This is 6 flags Definitive Jux baby
We like, love it or leave it out your holler box now
Cripple a kitten if a kitten is a culprit
You're spilling insignificant frijoles