I Know You

I know you you you
Feel that too too too

And I can take you there
Like 2 shoes, girl we make a pair
You doing make-up on yo face and hair
Jus so you can make em stare
But the problem that we facing here
Is opposites attract
An I'm dominate, you always laying on yo back
But it's ok I'm on top of it
I'll take charge just require the effort
We'll vibe together, and lie together
Then pack bags then we fly together
Decide whenever you wanna kill time together
Have a family grow old then we die together
Decide whether you with it, cause if not then like a leopard
The next girl getting spotted
And I ain't trippin I got options
But if you bout it I'm bout it
But for now let these sonnets get you hooked on phonics

I'm jus tryin to get your mind open
Show you my view so beautiful
An we don't speak on the unspoken
As long as the feelings mutual
You feel me
Yea we far from the usual
The real me give em thoughts to a new unknown
But for now we on the surface, riding waves and we surfin

I know you feel it too
If I did less tell me would that appeal to you
I'm jus tryin to show them who I am
Baby it's science
These waves real jus promise not to deny them
An I know you can feel it
So tell me what the deal is
An when you on a higher plane life so brilliant
So when you join me I promise you'll see the difference
Ready and willin
And take em to a state they ain't ever been in
A little bit different but it's ok
A bit timid but in my world you can get yo way
Guess who on third, I take off slide hit home plate
Relocate, to escape
They can't relate they jus so fake
The only thing that's real is what you feel
And everything else is jus a waste of space