Body Music - Bad Idea

Bad Idea



Bad Idea Letra

You, you, you
Pardon me, would you listen, please?
I'll keep this easy now, keep this fine
I'm gonna have to let you go
Cause you've been dragging like dead weight
You didn't shut it when you do should
And baby it's a bad show
I'm gonna have to cut you loose
Cause your whining is no use
It's time to let it show
I'm gonna have to let you go

I know you get your kicks from your messy life
Don't follow me with your fuss and strife

You're a car crash waiting to happen
I'm putting on the brakes just to save myself
You're a bad idea that's gone out of fashion
I'm not even gonna put you at the back of the shelf

Do ba-do do do ba-do
Keep giving me a new excuse
Do ba-do do do ba-do
I'll start giving you real abuse

Just wanna be polite
Don't wanna start a fight
So I'm gonna say this right first time
Baby you're bringing me down
Pressing my buttons with your big frown
The Situation is over
Don't look over your shoulder

[Hook x3]