Big Sean

'Call Me' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Finally Famous: The Mixtape.


Big Sean
Can't get to the phone right now
So make sure you leave your name, number and a brief message
I'll make sure I'll return your call soon, take care

This has been pre-meditated
Dedicated to them hella haters, said I'd never make it
Would've never made it if they didn't prescribe
Hella hating like a medication
Now they feel dumb like they uneducated
Cause they estimated no benefits
I should prolly call 'em all "Benedict"
Cause they been a dick since I been in in it
Now I'm finna run this bitch like Emmitt did
So ahead can't picture me, they primitive, dawg
You paid for my penmanship, dawg
Wanna be my apprentice, uh naw
Cause they didn't think I'd be good, now I be G.O.O.D
So they wanna call me like Tweet would
Saying "Get this money like we should!"
Like we should, ni***?
Ain't you that same hating ass ni***
Faking ass, two-facing ass ni***
Had my songs, didn't play 'em ass ni***
Talking 'bout "We gon' make it", ass ni***?
Well, now I got the beat right
Produced by my ni*** B. Wright
To all of my fam and friends
Leave a message at the beep, aight?