Big Sean

'Hometown' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Finally Famous Vol. 3: Big.


Finally Famous, ni***
West side, East side, South side, North side
Put on put on
The city, the city
I like it in the city
The city, the city
I like it in the city
The city, the city
I like it in the city
Boy, boy
I do it
D-town you already know
Can you say D-Town
Six Mile, Seven Mile, Eight Mile
West side ni***
Chalmers East Side you know
East side what up though
You see downtown
Jefferson, Dexter
Joy Road
My city getting paid
You would have thought we had the same zodiac sign as Ben Franklin ni***

I come from a city
When 9/11 dialed up, everybody riled up hundred gun pile up
They lay it on the line, make sure you don't get file up
Hammer in and out of court, ni*** don't get trialled up
I'm chasing cheese, dodging rat traps
Chasing pu***, you might end up with a Kat Stacks
I'm outtie like a hatchback
For them whole and half stacks
Trying to make at least half back, ni*** af-tax
D-town I honor ya, they hearts drop when they see me on tall monitors
Blasting my city that's your ass in my city
Need a pass in my city
And I'm mr. hall monitor in my

The city the city I like it in the city

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