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Put Me Down

Juice Wrld

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Put Me Down

Just wanna let you know I love you, but

When you, put me down
So easily, I frown
Your words, they haunt my mind
But I'll lie and say I'm fine
When you, put me down
So easily, I frown
But I need you in my life
Our souls are intertwined

Baby you know that you got a knife on your tongue
Cut away at everything that I bask in
Downplay my thoughts and all of my opinions
So much for being repetitive
You say the perfect things, to make me feel like
I'm not enough for you
It kinda sucks cause, I am in love with you
You make me feel so damn uncomfortable to tell you how I feel
But I want this for real
Not a faker
Kinda scared to tame my problems, you seem abrasive
Run away from all of the drama, I've been evasive
Still thinkin' bout it on a daily basis

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* Letra añadida por RickRack

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