Uh, some niggas call shots, some call the Feds
They say the ones close'll push you when you're on the edge
Grew up on a pissy mattress, never had a water bed
Screamin' f*** the board of ed, too busy chasin' corner bread
Bathroom baggin' up for an hour long
To play it off, man I had to turn the shower on
Comin' up with baggies and a towel on
Only if mama knew the type of shit I was on
I really know hustlers, dope and coke jugglers
You'll never get rich surrounded by broke customers
You gotta learn to maneuver through the tight spots
Dirty bike cops keep searchin' a ni*** Nike socks
I had to switch the stash up 'cause they might watch
Everything done is a bet soon as the dice drop
You get to strip jumpin', start off with six onions
I'm fence jumpin' before the dog come sniff somethin
Got a bunch of jail niggas talkin' on my Sprint fussin'
Besides the money and bitches you ain't miss nothin'
The love overpower the hate
The drugs overpower the plate
I baby blue powdered the Wraith
Gold Rollie, a bunch of diamonds overcrowdin' the face
Never worried, I'm in my jewelry in and out of the state
Road trips, I f*** with foreign, the Impala was safe
And if you seen it how I seen it then you gotta relate
It's Don

Uh, I was raised where it's cold at
The presidential was plain 'til game froze that
OxyContin and Molly I really sold that
All black .380, this hammer matchin' my Bo Jacks
You seein' there ain't no paper here so where the coke at
Took a trip to Texas, brought Lean Back like Joe Crack
Couldn't give my uncle no money cause he would smoke that
The 'Gram got him thirsty for pictures so they could post that
20 niggas crowdin' my section like "where the hoes at?"
I'm in Bergdorf Goodman blowin' this feature paper
Floatin' up 1st Ave knockin' Anita Baker
Givenchy tee, either the ape or the rottweiler
Crown Fried, whole dinner cost me like 5 dollars
In the zone playin' The Commission off of Shyne album
The shit they be rappin' 'bout be make believe
Outside pumpin' and it was 8 degrees
Blunted off an 8th of green
Before the sour came, before niggas was drinkin' lean
Avirex leathers, some niggas listened to Tracey Lee
I'm prolly with a chick that look like Amerie
'04 crocodile Mauries I had the gators green
My cousin said we the best traffickin' major keys
Before Meek was reppin' Dream Chasers I tried to chase a dream
Christian Dior cover my eyelids
Ask my ni*** Don who got the raw up in Highbridge
Nothin' to eat, embarrassed to open my fridge
Jigga on repeat as I think about it, can I live?

Yeah, yeah
Look, I'm tryna grab a Dame and Dash get back on the Freeway
Shawty went to Memphis, brought it back up to BK
Hard Knock Life, Bentley back to the PJs
And Feds ain't got a Clue like they lackin' a DJ
Rock chains Round Here, they'll get you for real
Put that MAC to your Beanie just to get to A Mil
See I was Young poppin' Cris underneath the big homies
Rappin' and trappin', tryna do it Biggs homie
Yeah, I put my bae on Birks
Shit I even bought a watch, a little plain jawn first
Looked at hers, looked at mine, said this ain't gon' work
So I threw diamonds up in it like a Jay concert
And told her, "Hold it down and I just might bae stamp you
You been around since I was choppin' up the 'Ye samples"
F*** the streets all I want is State Property
And make sure I break off the niggas that hate properly
And don't let them Jones'll talk about the gemstones
We don't Just Blaze we blow 'em out of they Timbos
They gon' whisper like Keak da Sneak
That Patek Phillipe, 7:30 Freekey Zeke
But enough about the Juelz, every Summer we Jam on 'em
They take shots when you pullin' out the Lam' on 'em
Oh you mad? Know I had to Cam'ron 'em
Set of Diplomat plates for The Fam on 'em, yeah