A lot of people - black, white, Mexican
Young or old, fat or skinny
Have a problem being true to theyself
They have a problem looking into the mirror
And looking directly into their own soul
That's the reason I am who I am today
Cause I can look directly in my face and find my soul

I'm old enough to know better, young enough to not give a f***
Rather hold my head high and die than live and duck
If you're cool being taken down and giving up
Your lifestyle's a blow job, the way you're living sucks!
I done felt pain, waited but no help came
Went through some crazy shit still kept myself sane
You ever been dying of thirst and smelt rain
Ever been told “go to hell” and felt flames
The water's to your neck and only gets deeper
Its all down hill and it only gets steeper
Gotta get over it, be a hurdle leaper
It cost to be the boss, and it ain't get no cheaper
But there's a man above that we all under bro
No bread truck but he work wonders though!
After you wake up, everything is wonderful
You can overcome anything you undergo
As an artist I'm just tryna paint the perfect picture
But see where tryna wait for somebody thats perfect gets you
That usually lead to nothing like virgin kisses
And I be tryna cut, surgeon bitches
Dreams of splurging riches, pretty but curvy missus
Chef to serve the dishes, driver to swerve the ditches
I'm just another kid on the curb with wishes
And the streets is tough, on the verge of viscious
So I sold weed and crack, merged the business
That white girl helped a ni***, Fergalicious
But getting money bring jealousy and verbal disses
So when you killing shit watch out for the murder witness
An old head told me "let nothing disturb your business"
Beef is only good when you in the burger business
So I chilled, but loaded up the steel
Like I wish a ni*** would, but I know a ni*** will
But for real you loaded up to kill
Cause soon as a ni*** could the sooner a ni*** will
And I don't owe these niggas nothing
Put that in a ni*** will