'Wishing (Remix)' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up.


Told her save my number under "big dibba"
Got her wishin' on a star
Save my number under "big tibba"
Got her blowin' kisses from the bar
I, wish you could stay, but when you walk away
You look delicious from far
She roll up on me
Then they get lit
Girl you my swisher cigar
Shawty rather lay by the pool side
Than stay by a fool's side
Been sleepin' on yourself too long
Time to flip the pillow over to the cool side

Ayo, hold on, hold on, wait, wait, Fab, Fab, Fab, Fab, Fab, Fab, easy, easy Fab
Summertime Shoutout 2

Girl - Hello?

Phone - Hey girl what you doing?

Girl - What's good I just got in the crib, what you doin'?

Phone - Um I'm standin' in my closet I'm thinkin' bout goin' out tonight though, you with it or what?

Girl - Oh yeah what you got? What you got to throw on? What you 'bout to kill em with?

Phone - I mean you know I got this new purple Burkin crocodile thing I'm thinkin' bout bringin' that out tonight

Girl - Yes and I just got this brand new Audemars that my ni*** laced me with so we out

Phone - Ok I was gonna tell you let's do Rollies but we can do the APs or the Audemars, okay

Girl - Alright so where we goin' though? Not that last spot

Phone - Yeah we're definitely not goin' to that spot, we not goin' to that bum ass club uptown

Girl - Yeah them bitches be in there stealin'. Bitch was lookin' at my wrist last time, I'm like the f*** you wanna know what time it is? Get the f*** out of here

Phone - Yeah them bitches be mad, like upset, you walk in it's a bunch of maddies

Girl- Ain't no basic bitches tonight. It is not a basic bitch night

Phone- Bunch a maddies. So um I don't know where we goin' but we ain't fuckin' with no promoters either

Girl - Hell nah and them bitches be fuc*** them promoters at that other spot too, so we definitely out that shit

Phone- Definitely definitely. So Ima figure it out but we gettin' our own table, our own bottles, our own baddies

Girl - We definitely need our own section tonight a few bottles

Phone - And no section by them bum ass basic ass bitches either

Girl - Whack ass bitches they fuckin' frontals all pushed up to the front

Phone - Frontals on front haha

Girl - F*** the hoes

Phone - Aite so I invited a few of my home girls you can invite a few of yours too, Ima pull the coupe out and I'll be there around 1

Girl - Nothin' at least section full of baddies tonight we out

Phone - Right and I got the check on me so it's lit

Girl - Definitely know I keep a few bands too we gon' do this shit right

Phone - Alright so I'ma see you at one, level up