Amos Lee


I see you pour whiskey on ice
[?] what you've known a sacrifice?
Stumblin' down this empty hall
Pictures stare back on the wall

I can see the light startin' to take shape
I can see the sun seekin' out escape
I can see the moon slowly creepin' in
World's a dying house, you said any time you wear the wind
When you wear the wind

Said he was your only son
Gave himself to everyone
In the end the loss was yours
Now you pace upon these floors

Lookin' for the light findin' its own shape (light, shape)
While the sun falls seekin' its escape (falls, its escape)
Moon is comin' in, stars are hidin' high (stars)
Forever in my soul, where are you right now? (in my soul)

Lookin' for the light, finally find your shape
While the sun, it falls tumblin' down my face
Moonlight crashin' in like waves upon the shore
You are the at the gate waitin' 'til you find
All the fortune that you lost that night

That night was a new moon
My new moon
My new moon

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