The Acacia Strain

Letra de la canción

Victims of the cave
We are drawn to the light
We will never be saved

The sun without the eye
Existence is atoms and the void

Head in the sand
We bury our problems with our head in our hand

The world is covered with demons
And the eye sees everything

There is no end
There is only pretend
You are decay
I let you in
You're rotted away

This is your nuclear warfare
This is your scared to death
This is your grief of the world resting heavy on your weakling chest

This is your plague and famine
This is your death disease
This is your pain of the world dying on her fucking hate

I am your pain and heartache
I am your up at night
I am everything you hate about your fucking life

I am your nervous breakdown
I am crushed hopes and dreams
I am the life inside you dying on its fucking knees

I can not live
I refuse to die

I exist
I survive

As the leaves may fall and the dust may rise
So then someday soon even death may die

Death may die



Letra añadida por: RickRack (#56)

The Acacia Strain
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