The Acacia Strain

Letra de la canción

Terror birds scavenge the land for scraps
Horror building as the world begins to collapse
Earthquakes shake the ground loose from its base
Ridding the planet from its greatest disgrace

World demise
Built upon your lies
Planetary collapse
The falling of the axe

The hive travels alone to feed on the dying and pick off the weak
Nowhere is their home
The broken and bleeding are the ones that they seek
They are the rulers of the night
Darkness keep us from the light

World demise
Built upon your lies
Planetary collapse
No chance for turning back

All life must end, all life must end
Your prayers are worthless, no need to repent
All life must end
The sickness reaches the water supply
As the sun falls from the sky
I can never die


Letra añadida por: RickRack (#23)

The Acacia Strain
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