Till Infinity



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[Verse: Phora]
Yeah, yeah, look
It’s like everybody went ghost when I needed they help, uh
Pain and betrayal, not too easy to shelf, but
I cut the ties and started to realize they wasn’t sleeping on me, I was asleep on myself
I stay up all night, chase my dreams in the morning

No sleep, I rest my eyes when they mourning
I put my pride aside, walk with nothing to prove
When you’re willing to risk it all, tell me what can you lose?
Yeah, feel like it’s me against the world, but I’ve seen better days

Even though shit is different, I mean, I’m still amazed
Friends switching and changing, I see the picture fade
Another chapter in life, you just gotta flip the page
Yeah, if I said it just know I meant that shit

Back in April I really thought about ending shit
But ended up in a hospital bed, so many drugs in my system, I was just sick of being depressed and shit
I need some insurance
I need somebody to tell me that nobody’s perfect

And help me with these feelings that just don’t ever surface
And help me lift my spirit every time I feel worthless
Cause’ lately everybody know I’m depressed they telling me I should see somebody
I’d rather talk through this music so I can reach somebody

Shout to mama, she always there when I need somebody
Even back when I was nobody just tryna be somebody
Still dealing and suffering from anxiety, uh
Still feeling these pussy niggas be trying me, uh

Still having this trouble with trusting people
Ever since that bullet hit the back of my head when they shot at me, uh
But nobody knows the struggles that you’re going through
So you don’t let nobody close to you

But I learned that everything will work the way it should
As long as you look in the mirror and you know it’s you
Just don’t ever let ‘em break you down, yeah
Certain times thought I was fading out

But everything will happen all in time
They used to talk, what they saying now?
Yeah, I’m in a foreign location letting my mind fast
See all the groves and cabernet while the time pass

Knowing shit could’ve ended up so much different
I’m just reflecting on life while the sun reflects on the wine glass
Touchdown from Toronto, I’m flying over states
Connecting flights to LA, my life is fast paced

Made me think of the days I used to write my name up on billboards and make the whole world my stage, yeah
It’s crazy, I’m 23 now, they was hating, I know they see now
Forty-five hundred people packed in a room in Los Angeles
If you think I ain’t made it, then you in denial, but

I got this place right off the coast when I’m near
Own studio chilling, smell the weed smoke in the air
I know this life is rough and it ain’t supposed to be fair
I’m just tired of fighting for people who don’t really care

I mean, find what you dreaming for and start living through it
Yeah, I promise there ain’t no limits to it
When your heart speaks to you, you gotta listen to it, shit my worst fear is dying knowing I didn’t do it
I’m just a man, I’m no greater than you

Paint a picture of my pain and I frame it for you
Pour my soul out just to prove that what I’m saying is true
So if you praying for me, then I’m praying for you, look
Driving out sunset I got some different views

Thinking back when the Walker’s liquor was all I knew
Life really switched up for me, they ain’t got no love for me
I just hope that they learn from me since they watched the moves,
but I’m tryna be better for you, tryna be better for me,
tryna be better for kids that wanna be better than me, look
I’ma show em that there’s more than a life in the streets

Gave it all back to the hood and they know it’s from me
Yeah, said I’m tryna be better for kids who wanna be better than me
I’ma show em that there’s more than a life in the streets
Gave it all back to the hood and they know it’s from me
Yours truly 2018, ‘til infinity, yeah

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