Can’t sleep


Letra de la canción

Stressing, oh bitch I’m stressing
Mama saying “don’t cry, count your blessings”
I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep
Hey, Michael
I can’t, uh

I can’t sleep, just took ‘em off the team
Have it down to three, get with me
Prayed to the lord that he’d watch my family

Thinking this bitch gon’ wait on me
Hope my fans remember me
Hope my friends remember me
Niggas don’t switch up on me

Can’t tell me shit, ‘specially not no bitch
Ten for ten with this shit

I’ma still drop these shits
I’ma still bop my shit
Got a Draco with the kit
Five 30 hollow tips

Walk around with that shit all on my hip
See an opp, let it hit
Maniac, brain on something
Well, suck my dick, shit

Letra añadida por: Ron*AL*dinho (#2)

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