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Xeno Carr, stupid

Wow, that was cute
Dontai came on the track and tried to be masculine for 45 seconds
Has anybody ever heard of Sad Frosty?
Yo, niggas thought they knew my whole rap career 'cause they heard a freestyle
And this ni*** Dontai's like "yo, I'm comin' for ya, I'm comin' for ya"
This ni*** whis- this ni*** whisper for 45 seconds
And he got Fat Frosty on that shit
Hey, f*** them niggas, ni***

Couldn't diss me by yourself
Had to suck Fat Frosty for some help
Yo' bitch, had to swim in her pu*** like Phelps
Then tapped out, my ni***, I got out of breath
Gold medal, my ni***, hang right off the shelf
My choppa be sprayin', my ni*** Lil Steph
If I'm in your state, ni*** cop you a vest
My niggas stay strapped, I ain't here to impress
Just copped me a loft, swear I had to move west
Frosty, he a virgin, he never got neck
Dontai need detergent, his hat full of specks
Anything for your bae, do whatever for X
And we ain't fuckin' with no Dontai, hoe ass ni***
Nigga you beyond gay, sweet ass ni***
Nigga try to run up, pull that trigga
My choppa lil Dontai, only hug niggas

I'm no Bam Margera, but I'll flip you like some element
Bigger in real life, so f*** the numbers on the internet
Who said Frosty's cold? Boy you need a better weatherman
Frosty's sad 'cause the forecast told him that it's raining, man
I ain't heard no melody since Smoke came on the Travel Ban
You can't make a better beat if I switched back to Ableton
Don't think I forgot, yeah I'm talkin 'bout you, Dontai
Put a dot on your head like a ni*** came from Bombay

Got a million views, I feel like Kanye
Bada ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it
If it says Dontai, I ain't watchin' it
And that ni*** Frosty is a fat bitch
You niggas pu*** like a clit
I'ma pop you like a zit
Wrote this line while I shit
(Shittin' on ya!) I'ma empty out the clip
When your pants unzip, I bet you can't find your dick

I'm a Kingso, you a flight ni***
I'm DDG, you dat white ni***
I'm Zias, love to fight niggas
If I see you, it's on sight, ni***
Yeah my blood cold, hold it tight, ni***
Every now and then I sip Sprite, ni***
I be T'd up, duckin' dyke niggas
Xeno left your bitch on a hike, ni***

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