Cycles Of Tragedy Letra y Canción

Born Of Osiris

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CYCLES OF TRAGEDY es una canción de Born Of Osiris del año 2019, este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Simulation.


'Cycles Of Tragedy'

Back and forth the face to face
Space between the emptiness
We don't always radiate a sense of fate
But it’s the place i long to be

I believe it's my destiny
A crater laid empty
Seems to increase
Stable safety rears its pretty face
Afraid of the failure
Afraid of the pain

Inside the back and forth
Between emptiness
Is the place I long to be
Another shot at destiny

Careful brain I creep right past you
My actions test your security
I'm not afraid of your healing approval
Snapped in half, broken in two

My eyes at times see the perfect picture
Yet I sacrifice
Solid ground and a balanced life
Cycles of tragedy.