Blasé Blasé


Letra de la canción

Loud and clear you hear this voice come
You wanted funk, yo so i got some
Due to the fact that the others lack
The jack attacks the wax
With a dope track
Good to the ear
Like a lovers tongue
Me Turbo B
Black gifted and young
Flung my lyric to funky drummer
1990 is a SNAP summer Blasè Blasè
1, 2, 1, 2, microphone check
Groove is strong
It'll break your neck In 2
Or maybe it's like in 3 parts,
True to the blood
And straight to the heart
Like mars patrol I'm out sinners
First place winners and all beginners
Eat a bag of chips if I'm late for dinner
This goes out to the record spinners

If you wonder wonder I be
I'm the super dope incredible Turbo B
Lickin' the lyrics skillfully
Like a champ grab the Microphone
And all the suckers are breakin' camp,
Da... bum Da boo Mc keesport posse

This bud's for you
In some minute and seconds flat
Mc Turbo B puts the port on the map
Not the father or macio, Slow it's me Turbo B
And I'm running the show straight to the top
This one's a slammer skull cracking groove
Like a hammer,
Jason was chasing Freddy was ripping,
If ya walk on ice For sure you're slipping
Ya walk out a plane for sure you're falling
3 months old you should be crawling

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#95)

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