So much trouble

So much trouble in the world
Bless my eyes this morning
Jah sun is on the rise once again
We earthly things are going
Anything can happen. *

You see men sailing on their ego trip
Blast off on their spacesships
Million miles from reality
No care for you, no care for me
So much trouble in the world
All you got to do is give a little
Give a little, give a little
One more time ye-a-h! Ye-ah!

So you think you found the solution
But it's just another illusion
So before you check out this tide
Don't leave another corner stone standing there behind
We've got to save the day, ooh, we come what may
We the street people talking, we the people struggling ^

Now they're sitting on a time bomb
Now I know the time has come
What goes on up is coming on down
Goes around and comes around

So much trouble in the world