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Jump out the store with designer
Look at your girl like I might just
In the summer months act up
What you think I got these bands for?
Just to feel like I'm apart of
Something beyond where I started
I'm on the road with my bag bros
I'm on the run to a bad ho
I know
Every move that they gone throw
Yes and I know
That your bros ain't always bros
So I move
In the silence of my thoughts (Yeah, yeah)

S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)

Tinder profile
We can do a island
When I'm out, I'm drunk
I just want a bed for my Friday
Oh yeah
Come with me tonight
Follow, follow
Follow me off
I been on a wave
Are you coming for these rides?
All the bitches sitting low
I don't think you know
How I make it end of day
I'm solo

S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)
S-O-L-O (S-O-L-O)

Letra añadida por: Hawli (#1)

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Trinidad Cardona

Trinidad Cardona

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