Damien Jurado

LETRA '1973'

Dear Mr. Charles Schultz
I'm feeding rolls of quarters in the pay television
And trying to make sense of today
Two missed connections in the Amtrak station
Still days away from my final destination
When I see the city lights
I'll know I'll made the finish line
My girl Lucy waits for me to bend my knee
But the diamond doesn't shine
And I can barely make the payments
On our telephone ring
I took a second job watching
The clock change hands
The seven's disappointed
And me I'm not committed to be a numbers man

Dear Mr. Charles Brown
I make the rent on time
It's true I'm undecided
And the season has expired
I'll never be the man she desires
Two missed connections in the Amtrak station
I walked out the door without delay or hesitation
Somebody shouted your name
And I swear they yelled fire
Charles, my best is not enough
Today I'm finally giving up
Oh, Lucy I love you
My plane isn't landing
They're telling me my phone is tapped

It's going down to the wire
I'm collecting the rain
I'll use it for payment
To catch another downtown train