Cinco de Tomorrow del álbum 'Visions of Us on the Land'

Cinco de Tomorrow

Damien Jurado

Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Visions of Us on the Land

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I can meet you in the chorus
It's all just a state of mind
I can meet you in the chorus
It's all just a fading line

You might as well be keeping the sun
No star of mine can ever replace you

I knew you well you had me at maybe
Turning around to face the unknown

Never too high to let go of the atmosphere
All on the groud with signals cutting out

Stand star and blues you go on without me
I'll catch the next ride out of town

And when you've found a better place for us to shine
Cover it black and gold with silver cloud
Hear now the lightning shout, we're with you
Life will collide with love never ending

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