Dear Thomas Wolfe del álbum 'The Horizon Just Laughed'

Dear Thomas Wolfe

Damien Jurado

La canción 'Dear Thomas Wolfe' se estrenó en 2018. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Horizon Just Laughed


These things they happened a long time ago
We're different people now and things have changed
But no you're wrong
If anything we're still the same

Thomas Wolfe was right when he said
"You can't go home again."

It's off to Nebraska
It's off to Maine

We only had ten dollars to our name
It was not enough to get us home
What was I thinking trusting you?
My family was right all along

Dear devil on my shoulder, I've got news for you

I'm off to Nebraska
Off to Maine

I gave up smoking and Saint Paul for a name

I forgot my ticket out, and I was late for the plane
I used to like the quiet life, and the traffic light's refrain

Mr. Garrett Morgan, I'm always stop and go

I am off to Nebraska
I'm off to Maine

Crossing over Wenatchee and into outer space

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