Damien Jurado


Mr. Percy Faith, is your masterpiece complete
I'm in dire need of curing this headache
There are riots in the streets and
We're still not on the moon
And I hear that you've been
Taken from the airwaves

Joseph Raymond Conniff, I am writing from Seattle
Where they now have put a trademark on the rain
And having just arrived I am staying by the airport
It was tough to find a room at the Hyatt Inn

Alice in disguises
Bill Close taken hostage
"Dear Loretta, these are my demands"
I'll be selling Arizona to the next potential buyer
Who comes in from the north in search of sand

Mr. Allan Sherman, I am writing from the future
Where the people never look you in the eye
And there is no need to talk, and the
Sidewalks they walk for you
I know everything and yet no one at all