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We are closer
Close than we've ever been
To another life
To knowing what that means
Conciously creating
New realities
Carrying on the wings on change
Hold your breath and count to ten
Generations are falling down
And I don't care what people say
There is no sign of weakness
Don't let them call you crazy

'Cause you can
'Cause you can fly
You can
You can fly

You're the only one
Who's mind is the decider
Not another headline
Not another lie
Just don't care what people say
Don't let them call us crazy
Don't let them keep you in the dark

No, 'cause you can
You can fly
Oh, you can
You can fly

I am living a lie
Are you too much in your head
When you know the truth is in your heart?
Well, no matter what anybody says
Do it anyway
Don't let them keep us down

No, 'cause we can
'Cause we can fly
Oh, yeah, we can
We can fly

Mmm, you can
You can fly
Oh, you can fly
Yeah, you can fly