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This girl has jet black eyes
A peach-like skin and crooked smile
You see'll her face and you'll never forget her
They say that beauty lies within
Scratch the surface to reveal a sin
I know that she's not coming down
Until tomorrow

The boy I know has a battle scar
A body to die for and a blue guitar
You see his face in a crowd and forget him
From dizzy heights, all talk of the world
The soul of a man meets a lonely girl
His heart of gold that she has found
Lasts until tomorrow's breaking

Maybe she'll find
When checking out the good life
She was a vision of your youth
Someone to look up to
Make a wish, check out the good life
Meet a friend, turn off the spotlight
Life is sweet and everything feels new
When there's someone to look up to


I believe in the powers that be
The Sun in the sky and the Moon in the aea
If nothing's ventured then there's nothing gained
For once in your life remember to send
Too many questions and more of the same
Over and over and over again
Light shines in through the hole in ceiling
Tomorrow's screaming