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Though you can give no more
Inspiring false security

Ive got the reason to alter belief
Selfish paintings diamonds mutilate
You cant erase the way Im unappreciated but I cant sleep tonight
Embrace the drink
Be hollow, swallow the pain
Splitting the field
All the noise agitates

The stars have not aligned
In your favor
Cross the line of obscenity

Ignoring the sing
The smoke in your eyes

Walk the edge with me and we'll be unchallenged

Look to find a way to love all the past promises
To keep you washed away

Sever the ties, broken by the black and white
Now fade away

Laid in the ground
Were lost far beyond the clouds
Staring in the darks of hell
Its me

Along the edge of belief
A heart always in the stars will never fade
Decay in the ground
Were lost far beyond the clouds
Pray in the dark for now

Prey on the sounds and silence, the darks around
Reach for a spark of doubt

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