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Letter Experiment


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Flashing eyes of heat
Vessel through the deep
By the son of night


Fear becomes belief for those cannot pay the fee
A coin to board the fleet
Or one hundred years disease

But the line it never fades
The story is bound to unfold in the end

Love of mine, gone forever
Say goodbye to the sky
Bound by time
Enter the ride
I will be

Motivate fortune
Can't escape from the arms of death

Along the shore many faces accumulate
In preparation for the underworld
Single file ghost by ghost
The deck fills up to embark on the final sail

Alone we rise and fall
Awaiting the day
A life coalesced
Deep in the silence our fate entwine
Create and consciously free the mind
So far from where I lost my soul
Depart, implore, divine

In our minds adventure is always listening
Just stay here
The world isn't always listening

Suffer in endless doubt
Holding on to the memories as they fade away
These thoughts and sorrows will not remain

One day we'll meet again
In time beyond the end

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