Kill The King

Kill The King



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Danger, danger, the Queen's about to kill
There's a stranger, stranger, and life about to spill
Oh no, move me out of harm

I need a spell and a charm
Fly like the wind (fly like the rainbow)
I'm no pawn, so be gone, speed on and on

Kill the king, tear him down
Kill the king, yeah
Strike him down

Power, power, it happens every day
Power, devour, all along the way
Oh no, move me out of harm

Treason, treason, the spectre looms again
Treason, reason, the realm is safe and then
Oh no, move away from harm

Tear him down
Kill the king, yeah
Got to take his crown
Kill the king
He'll rule no more
Strike him dead, the people roar
Kill the king, yeah
Take his head, down, down, down, down
Oh, kill

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