Digital Farm Animals

Lookin' For

Digital Farm Animals (ft. Danny Ocean)


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Tell me are you looking for love
Cause I ain’t got no fast car
I ain’t got no diamond, no
If you’re looking for love
Baby I could help you
I could be the one to
Tell me are you looking for love

In a plane flying high feeling lonely
On the road trying to make something of me
On my way, on my way
Oh yeah
And I told you that I’d be back someday
I let you down once again like I always On my way, on my way

Pre Chorus
I got a picture of you in my right hand
And I’m trying to make it back for the weekend
No I cannot give you love yeah
But I could give you something else so

Baby, don’t break it. Don’t think it
Don’t loose it.
Let’s fall in love.
A lot I can give you, I want you to have it Like, all the time.
Oh this love...

Mami tengo el flow,
Mami yo vengo de Venezuela.
And where i come from, babe, Girls like you we call them “bellas”.
Sunlight, I’ll wait until the moonlight.
Girl you’ve got to let me know, yeah, yeah
I’ve been looking, looking, looking, looking
For your love, love, love, baby
I’ve been looking, looking, looking, For your love,
For your love, baby

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