G.M.M. (The Great Metal Motherfucker)

G.M.M. (The Great Metal Motherfucker)



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The Great Metal Motherfuc***!

Behold the magnificent creation
assembled with my own hands
The end is here, your future is clear
A creepy voice in my head (says)
“G is for giant, M is for metal machine
This time is ideal, THIS IS MY WILL
We’re gonna cross the line
We’re gonna rise...

...the Great Metal Motherfuc***!
Your hands, My brain
Great gears for the metal shatterer"

Condemned by closed minded bastards
for not following their way (kill, kill, kill)
vengeance is next, is clear, is near
My mentor from Hell, He lives right here
“Just follow my words to raise your justice machine
Are you ready for THE PRICE MY FRIEND?
I want nothing more
The fuel, Your soul for...

...the Great Metal Motherfuc***!
New face, New hands
The right deal, my dear metal shatterer"

A new metal body to destroy
My prison of flesh lies before my eyes
The price of a deal with the devil came to kill
the motherfuckers where the mayhem is my thrill
The price of a deal with the devil
It's my choice, It's my fate, Pay!
Pay the Price!

Behold my glorious creation
assembled with my own hands
Complete is the deal, my future is clear
From now, your worst fear
(Call me) The Great Metal motherfucker!

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