Freestyle for Westwood

Freestyle for Westwood



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This beat's burning, the scene's screaming, I been learning
Coz I've been around snakes like Steve Irwin
A little flick around my waist before we cop beaters
I was on the train to whip 'caine like John Cena
I'm from ends like south-west where they stab backs
Trap trap a-class in a bag like a hatchback
Tryna see proper dough
Feds come, drop and roll
In my line of work there's no tax like Monaco
Now I'm on bars like (?) cause I ride for days
Man can't spin me on a track like Tyson Gay
Light, dark, anti-dutch or the nicest haze
Cashpoints, oysters, instas, my grind ain't fake
Other boys get it dirty
My money comes eleven less than four hundred and thirty
Look, around my ends all them nittys approach us
Coz I'm the face of food like Kerry Katona
(?) effervescent Vimto
Catch you in the night like Krypto
Big Crow, turn your ends there apocalypto
Feed your guys up like calypso
Windows, (?)
Muscle in the back, this nigga's looking like the Big Show
Hustling for stacks, I'm fucking hustling for rap
That's why I want sick notes, that's why I want...

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