Welfare Babies (Death Contract)

Welfare Babies (Death Contract)

Schoolboy Q


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Nigga calling my phone
That nigga tiny
Call it like he a
Traffic got the uhh
I got lite braids
That nigga T.F go by Juan now
Uhh Suzzie
That nigga smack on some bootleg ass 501 cuz

Yo, run in ya crib with a stock of cowboy
Talkin that, it's where I park him at
I sound like Q ya'll copycats
Blank Face, fuck all that nerd rap
Ya whole contract
My new McLaren now to crash that
My 911 close thing to heaven
My G-Wagon my bitch can have
Bitch's talkin' now the Benz smash
Forgiato get ya whip flash
Ten thousand
That's blunt cash
Dropped a gang with pounds with this clip fat
Brand new Rolly, I ain't rock it yet
My daughter's facial, got that dipped in gold
Stack a day you wanna smoke with us
Got 12 grills I don't talk enough

Underrated I'm a third Crip
No rap critic's gonna hate this
Till ya go outside you can't rake shit
Lose ten homies to them cases
Twelve homies in the graveyard
Seem to miss me with them rap bars
Before I turn Crip I had a gun charge
Then got I put on the floor in this backyard
Hit the county yard where Mack taught
Had shootouts in my mom's car
Bullet empty out with them shells go
Had to stain my Chucks
Now them shell toes
Gang tattoo my elbow
50 Crip on my right chest
Sell dope to a nigga, live check to check
'Till the rappin' save me from the bullshi...

And we blow
O, O, O, O, O
And we blow
O, O, O, O, O
And we blow

[Outtro Instrumental]

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