Magma Letra y Canción

Chicano Batman

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MAGMA es una canción de Chicano Batman que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Magma.



Take a trip
Along with us
Eroding breaking what we must
In order to feel lust

A breeze in the cloud
Creating flight in our memory
Memory is all we have

And if we have none we sink in the ground
Searching like moles for our minds
Melting into the Magma
So if memory was a woman
Magma would be her name
And I call it and I ask her

Magma what was the first words I said
And why did I say them
Magma you know cause you melted my bones and my brains
I see you late at night when I dream
Magma you are my warm blanket that leaves me when I wake
Please don't go
When I call
You better show