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Now I turn into a lover on the side
I cannot tell the poet eye apart from mine
And now you see me with a tear fall on my right
I know, you know

You see me turn around and try to hide my sigh
I know the ancient melodies will come at night
I sing about my fear and love and what it brings
I know, I know

And then you push me out
And then you push me out
I know, I know
And then you disappear because you can't fight fear
I know, I know

I sit inside a box and try to find my thoughts
With cups upon my ears so I can shut it out
I see you listen to my body and say
I know, I know
I know it's hard to find out what I'm not
I know, I know

And here we are apart, but here together are
Our hearts that now beat for each other, although far
I hear your voice and I know what it calls
I know, I know

Hold on, hold on
I want you
Hold on, hold on
All I ever wanted was you

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